You’re in a tavern. In a mysterious city that wasn’t built by your people. A city filled with railtrains, everburning lamplights, clockwork humanoids, and a magic shop on every corner. A city where elves, dwarves, humans, and gnomes, live side by side. A city sitting in the middle of an unexplored ancient land, enclosed by miles and miles of stone walls. It’s known as the City of Veil.

Next to you is the ash company you work for. Adventurous men and women who seek gold, fame, or knowledge beyond the city gates. Whose courage, or foolishness, is weapon enough to face the unknown perils outside of the city. Whose ambitions, hopes, and dreams can be found in the scattered ruins of long dead civilizations, which may hold to key to discovering the history of your adopted City of Veil. And probably a lot of gold.

Many venture out of the city searching for such things. Rarely do they return. You’re hoping you’ll be one of the lucky ones. To return with valuable relics, a piece of the historic puzzle, or one hell of a story.

Welcome to the City of Veil. Roll initiative.

The City of Veil