Legends of Veil

The Legends of Veil are popular people who existed or currently exist, where stories are told about their exploits that nearly everyone in Veil has heard of.

some bard who did documentary work in the Shrouds, the Khardur Valleys, and the Iron Giant Fields. He’s one of the more well known Collectors, and people love his ass. Like indiana jones. He’s still alive.

a group of sailors who sailed around the lands outside of Veil and discovered it was three pennisulas connected by an isthmus in which the City of Veil sits directly on/ unfortunately, they died, but their maps and their stories live on.

a group of Dawnguard who fended off an attack of undead, orc, and goblins, from the shrouds.

a clockwork man who saved a child from a runaway bull that got into the crowds in the Vermillion Amphitheatre. he died, but it’s a heartwarming story about not underestimating the importance of the clockwork.

A dead collector and his ash company who fought overwhelming odds against the centaurs of the Iron Giant Plains. kind of like custer’s last stand.

  • basically, all these legends or canticles or stories can be inspired by real life events, bitch.

Legends of Veil

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