Prominent People and Organizations

THE SPEAKERS are the representatives of their particular ward within the Council of Veil

Lady Sophian Vandamere – Speaker of Coin Groves and Trade Lady of Veil

Lady Sylvia Vandamere – Speaker of First Harbor and Trade Lady of Veil

Lord Johan Hagan – Speaker of Thousand Hills and Trade Lord of Veil

Lady Gilga Stoneweaver – Speaker of Copperton and Trade Lady of Veil

Lord Gabriel Claymore – Speaker of Bluegate and Trade Lord of Veil

Speaker Morren Ironwall – Speaker of Stoneridge

Speaker Lucan Elisaar – Speaker of Requiem

Speaker Martius Locke – Speaker of Cloud Gardens

Speaker Katrina Pierce – Speaker of Coldwater Coves

Lord Wallace Farraday – Trade Lord of Veil

Lord Oswald Remington – Trade Lord of Veil

Consular Gunthar Ambrose

Consular Dominic Belmont

Consular Emerson Sheridan

Consular Jonathan Blythe

Consular Winifred Ravenswood

wardens? instead of speakers? just a title

The Trade Lords (and Ladies) are a name given to the most wealthy and influential people in all of Veil who perpetually trade with each other for the good of the city. Most belong to the Dawnguard, if not all.

The Dawnguard is the name given to the once-company turned most powerful organization in Veil relying in it’s historic reputation and ownership of land and businesses as well as the city-wide law-enforcement.

The Mayors

The Consulars (attaches)

The Criers



The Dark Veil, the Duskguard, the Shadow, etc. are the names given to the criminal organization that runs the black markets in Veil. Obviously opposed to the Dawnguard.

Prominent People and Organizations

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