The Conservatory

The Conservatory is the organization and buildings that house those organizations whose purpose is to record the history and to maintain the infrastructure of the city of Veil.

The Recorders document the goings on of Veil as well as taking artifacts, relics, and items that ash companies find and piece together what happened in Veil before they arrived.

The Collectors are people who go beyond the gates and look for relics, artifacts, arcane ash, books, any kind of evidence of what happened to the lands before they arrived.

The Custodians are a group of magic-users who use their abilities to maintain and improve the infrastructure of the City of Veil. They usually are in charge of a group of Clockwork or fleshy laborers, always trying to improve upon an earlier design or creating a new version of some sort of engineering construction. For instance, some have begun improving the Clockwork, the trains, the lifts, the lamps, the illusionairums, etc.

The Conservatory is where the Recorders, the Collectors, the Custodians all train. It’s like a school, yo.

The Conservatory

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