The Nine Wards

The City of Veil, physically, is separated into nine distinct areas by 100 foot walls. Each of the nine wards possess a different kind of architecture and layout, although each ward maintains a social structure based around the common folk making up most of the labor class and servant class, while the professional class usually make up the educated, managerial and supervisory roles, and lastly, the elite class who own lands, ancient titles, and businesses.

First Harbor – connects to the Olmahan Beach where the refugees first landed 100 years ago. it is where the sign “welcome to the City of Veil. Thank you…” can be found right outside the Oceangate. First Harbor has a lot of affluent “towns”, many of which revolve around fish, pearls, and underwater treasures. First Harbor is home to the successful ash companies that sail. Also, there a lot of Reohm Devotees here. In fact, The Cathedral is located here. *This is like Newport Beach

The Cloud Gardens – named after it’s manmade tree groves that are usually covered in mist because of the proximity to the Altric Ocean. it’s a poorer ward, known for it’s crime and lack of response from the Dawnguard. There are several “towns” that revolve around prostitution, drugs, smuggling. *This is like Long Beach

Coldwater Coves – Coldwater Coves is a poorer district, home to many of the common folk that do sea related work. it’s proximity to the temperate lands to the north also provides a good amount of farming. And the Custodians here use the concept of mass manufacturing so it’s a bland, industrialized-like place. Yes there are coves. *This is like San Pedro.

Thousand Hills – Thousand Hills gets it’s name because it is hilly as fuck. closely connected to the hills in stoneridge. This is a very affluent area, as there are natural springs that rich folks use for their “vacation” homes. this is also where the Khardur Gate is, the gate that leads to the recently unexplored area known as the Khardur Valleys and Khardur Mountain ranges.

Coin Groves – called that because all the towns are expensive and have expensive places of business, and is where everyone wants to trade, party, and live in. ya know. the veil dream! *this is like beverly hills on crack

Bluegate – a more military and defense minded ward, it’s called Bluegate because it has the Bluegate, the gate that leads to the shrouds, the expansive, dystopian lands to the south of Veil. their shops are mainly weapons, armor, and magical stuff used out in the field. it’s also an affluent area. There is a place called, The Ivy’s, which is a prison complex with a shitload of ivy’s growing on it’s walls, where the city’s worst criminals go. *this is like San diego with it’s military presence

Stoneridge – it had a lot of hills when the dwarves moved in. but they added to it with their custodians creating monlithic buildings that resembled their old mountain kingdom. it’s a poorer place to live. *kind of like sun Valley, but with mountainous buildings.

Copperton – where a majority of the gnomes live. it’s kind of hilly because of the natural hills close to Stoneridge. the towns here are in the middle of getting mechanical face-lifts thanks to the gnomes. there is constant construction going on, many of which are buidlings being rebuilt because of accidents or changes in architectural plans. Copperton also holds the Eastwatch Gate, the gate that leads to a recently unexplored area called the Iron Giant fields. this an an affluent area because of a lot of new ash machines developed by the gnomes. *friggin silicon valley.

Requiem – the elf towns. elf-made forest-towns are all over this place. it’s a poorer place, filled with unhappy elves who long for their natural homelands in the Ancient Kingdoms. so there is a lot of psychedelic drug use, especially with the weird kinds of flowers that grow here. the main “attraction” here is the Clockwork Woods, a large elf-made forested area, kind of a like a zoo or a “natural” preserve, where clockwrok animals roam “free”. funny and sad shit. *kind of like the valley.

Travel through the city of Veil is accomplished in four ways:

1) you walk. mostly what the common folk do, which means they are relegated to a limited area within the city of veil.

2) you ride a horse. faster than walking, but the roads can be winding and could take longer than it should.

3) Coaches. like taxis.

4) The Gate Rails. Monorails that float next to the walls. it’s the quickest way around the city, but it can also cost a pretty penny.

The Price of Living in the City of Veil

Every time you enter a town, you have to pay a toll. Every time you go through a gate connecting wards, you pay a toll. every time you ride a coach, you pay a toll. every time you use a lift, you pay a toll. every time you ride the magerails, you pay a toll. Everything costs in the City of Veil, and the more you travel around the city, the more you spend. It’s the whole concept behind the City of Veil.

The Nine Wards

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