The Railtrains (or rails or trains for short) consist of several carriages made of a combination of steel and wood, connected by intricate cogs and wheels, suspended precariously alongside the walls of the wards, these rails were in the City of Veil before the refugees arrived 100 years ago, as inactive as the Clockwork and other dormant contraptions. With the discovery of arcane ash, the old custodians were able to activate the railtrains and quickly utilized them in the rebuilding of the City of Veil. These railtrains allow for quick transport from ward to ward, usually taking hours to get from one end to the next. The rails are quite expensive and usually on those with disposable coin will ride them.

Over the course of the century, new railtrains were created and a complex network and schedule were incorporated to maximize the efficiency of the city’s daily businesses.

Towers have also been erected n each corner of each ward to direct a railtrain towards it’s proper destination.


Coach Cabs are wagons or carriages that ride along the main streets of Veil willing to pick up passengers for a price depending on how far they would like to go. Many pedestrians find the Coach Cabs reckless, but they do not understand the quicker the Coach Cab drivers gets their passenger to where they need to go, the quicker they can pick up a new fare.

Coach Cabs are as fast as horses, so from end to end of the city, it would take a few days. Obviously the advantage of Coach Cabs is their ability to transport larger goods and equipment.


Horses have been captured from beyond the gates and domesticated within the City of Veil. People use them if they plan on traveling beyond their towns. There are stables scattered across the city that let people rent horses.


There are toll booths set up at each ward gate and at each town. To pass through the gate, one must pay gold determined by the ward and the town. Por ejemplo, o enter and travel through the Coin Groves is a lot more expensive that The Cloud Gardens.


Littered across the City of Veil are hundreds of inns and taverns. Since the city is quite large, taking a few days to walk across, these taverns and inns, sometimes placed between towns, provide a place for respite and sleep.


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