First Harbor

Pleasant Gate

Pleasant Wall Railway

Crown Gate

Crown Gate Wall Railway

Chillmist Gate

Chillmist Wall Railway

Crown Gate

Crown Wall Railway

four railtrain towers

Towns of First Harbor Ward (four, probably, close to the gates, taking advantage of the rails and the roads and the harbor for most profit.

Highport – town right near the first gate. a port town, they’ve created a man made lake right against the First Wall that connects to the Altric Bay through the Olmahan Beach. The Citadel resides here as well as a number of markets that trade in things of the sea. They also have a group of lighthouses to keep a vigil towards the ocean. and well manned garrison just in case any ships come into sight.

Bacham Flats -

Crystalview -


Technically, Reohm’s Book Isle is part of First Harbor. This is where the monks live and train before their “test” of going beyond the gates.

First Harbor

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